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A question on highlighting text in a pdf…

Is there some freeware/tool available that allows highlighting text in a pdf document? I can’t do it on Adobe Reader, but is there some other way to do this?


Firefox resuscitated…

One of my firefox issues seems to have been addressed after I installed the Flashblock extension, which blocks out Flash ads on a web page, and displays an “F” icon instead. The frequency of crashes has noticeably declined after I installed this. Also, as a fringe benefit, it speeds up page loading. I like this extension. I had also installed the Adblock extension, maybe that also has something to do with the reduced crashes. Can’t say which one’s the real contributor, but my guess is I owe my thanks to Flashblock.

The other problem remains though. If the browser remains open for an extended period of time, it seems to eat up a lot of memory, and slows down big time. That’s less of an issue since I have got into the habit of closing it somewhat regularly, but an irritant nevertheless. Hopefully, that will get fixed, sooner rather than later.

I considered switching, but I won’t ever go back to IE, and I guess I am too used to Firefox now to consider any other alternative, better though they may be.

Another extension, which I think is really nifty is WebMarker. I found this via knutties page. Dude, this is really cool. And I find myself using this already. Thanks for this! But do you guys have a next version ready? I have one or two issues with the current one. Particularly, the creation of additional bookmarks, everytime I highlight some text, and bookmark the page/link again. I have a habit of revisiting and re-reading articles. End up highlighting different things at different points in time. So, it’s a bit of a pain when a new bookmark is created every time. Not sure if I explained this clearly, but I hope that made sense!

A simple question…

…Something I have always wanted to know, an answer would guarantee you a dinner on my account. The question is as follows

“In the Save As  or Open Dialog in MS Word (or other office applications), there are five default locations (in Win XP) displayed in the left panel, namely, “My recent documents”, “My documents”, “Desktop”, “My computer”, “My network places”. I want to know if there is some way I can add any “folders” of my choice in this panel. If so, how?