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And I have been doing….

Tennis times have started again. Been playing for about a week now. Every single time I have mentioned tennis in these pages, within a week after that, I have stopped playing. Nevertheless, like a pigheaded dense incompetent who doesn’t know what’s good for himself, I am here to say it again! ­čÖé Feels good, always nice to wake up early.

The off-site was good, and the best thing that came out of it was that I got to know that one of my colleagues actually lives quite close to where I live. He had playing tennis in this local club, which is how I got back to playing tennis again. And almost as good, we have even started car pooling on most days. One car off Bangalore’s roads! Hooray!

The busy times at work continue. Most of it good, some of it necessary evils, and the odd avoidable trash I shouldn’t have taken up in the first place. The usual, in other words.

Having renewed my seventymm membership after a brief 3 month sabbatical, I am already beginning to regret it. Am yet to rent out a movie this month from my 4 in a month quota. At this rate, I am going to fall back again pretty quickly, and then I will be forcing myself to watch movies just so I don’t feel like I am paying 100 bucks per rental. And then I will be cursing myself ‘cos I am watching for the sake of it. Well, maybe it won’t come to that. We shall see. Last movie seen – School of Rock. Rating – good.

Of the many restaurants A & I have been to in Bangalore, I think “Taste of Rampur” is close to tops. Though it’s not really the ideal place for a teetotaller veggie, the veg items on the menu are very good. Their Shahi Paneer is the best I have ever had, their biryani is pretty good too, and the raitha they give with the biryani is magnificent. The place also has this nice relaxing feel to it. We were there again this Sunday for our anniversary dinner. I was quite grumpy all the way there, but the moment we got in, the pall lifted and I was in fine spirits again. Try it, if you haven’t.


Of books and movies…

Read John Battelle’s “The Search”, last week. Engrossing and insightful. Much interesting info on the evolution of Internet Search and Internet advertising.  As is to be expected, at least half the book is centered around Google, but it’s more than just a history of Google. There are other heroes, other stories too – Bill Gross and, for one.

Reading a book like this makes one realize just how much things have changed. Much recommended.

I made a list of movies seen and books read last year. 40 movies (including ones on DVD, excluding HBO/Star Movies), and 20 odd books. A bit surprised that I only read 20 books, but I think I have forgotten 3-4. 66% of it was fiction, 33% non fiction. Both counts seem reasonable, though I would like to up the non fiction % a bit. 50-50 seems like a good target to aim for, this year.

I also did a quick rating for the movies and the books, and turns out among the movies I saw, the best ones were Schindler’s List, Judgment at Nuremberg, The Station Agent, Before Sunset, 12 Angry Men, The Motorcycle Diaries, Lage Raho Munnabhai, Omkara, Rang De Basanti and Autograph. As for the books the top two were “Ptolemy’s Gate” and “An Equal Music”. The Mahatma and the Poet, The Corporation, The River Sutra, and one of the books in the Tagore compilation (either Part 2 or 4) were the other honourable mentions.

The worst movie I saw was “Thambi”, the worst book “Sons of Fortune”.