Tanka and Haiku overdose #1

I haven’t posted anything here for a while, though it isn’t as if I have not written some. While the words for longer verses have dried up, I have been unusually productive with respect to tankas and haikus. And as it is, when you are unusually productive with anything, there’s a lot of riffraff mixed in with some pretty good ones, even if I say so myself. I am not the best judge of my own work however, just inordinately proud of anything I come up with :-), so rather than curate, will merely present both the best and worst of the past two months, over the next few posts. All of them have already appeared on my Facebook or Twitter feeds, but this is where they shall rest for posterity, as all my creative endeavours do. So, here’s the first of the lot – two tankas (well three, if I have to be precise) and one haiku.


The unseen shadow
of a cellphone tower looms
over my bedroom;
Saunter, Thoreau prods, gently
in hills, woods and wilderness

When the Cuckoos call

Three times the Cuckoo
rings – Koo-Koo Koo-Koo Koo-Koo.
Such a lovely day
Sliding into nothingness
When the dilettante day dreams.

Three times the Cuckoo
sings – Koo-Koo Koo-Koo Koo-Koo
Such a lovely day
Sliding into nothingness
While the jogger runs her rounds.

Where we are who we are

Wood water grass stone
Firm flowing gentle tempered
Out here we are born.


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