On Ghosts

So I wrote this one rather ordinary haiku which had the word “ghost” in it, and that led to a set of haikus and tankas, where I used the idea of “Ghosts” in different perspectives. A self-set design challenge you could say, and I was kind of pleased that I managed to put together what I did. Here they are.

That Sick Feeling

When you are unwell
In the City the Mountains
ghost in unannounced.

Second Child

When you have one child
the second is the ghost in
your conversations

Always On

This mute Android ghost
echoing in my dreams an
eternal tapping.


Poetry and math,
two ghosts haunting your pursuit
of career growth

Interior Design

Deciding between
all the dazzling laminates
and woodwork options
lines grow on your face as if
a ghost transplanted the grains.

Slices of Love

Every night the dog waits
on the road, expectantly,
for my tired wife,
the gentle balcony ghost
feeding love with bread slices

Street Photography

Cameras moving
in the market, ghosts sniffing
unwary victims

Cameras moving
in the market, inside them
roam staccato ghosts


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