Assignment #4: Myth Dialogue

The Return of Arjuna

“And this is what I get for my love, Arjuna?”

“Draupadi, please do not be angry. I love you just as much as I did before my exile.”

“You return with Subhadra alongside, and yet you claim to love me!”

“But Vasudeva did tell you about my circumstances, didn’t he? Do you really believe I had any other choice?”

“Don’t you mention his name! He calls me his sister and what does he do – instigates you to elope with Subhadra. Of all the women in the world, her! How could he do this to me!”

“Do not say that, Draupadi. Vasudeva is not to blame for my actions. Separation and longing do strange things to men. Twelve years is a long time.”

“Three wives weren’t enough for you? Don’t look shocked. You think I don’t know? Uloopi, Chitrangada and what was the other woman’s name. Oh, never mind. And did I not long for you? You stupid headstrong man, you leave us all for some ridiculous code of honour and…and… you think I did not miss you all these years?”

“But it’s not the same, Draupadi. You know that. I was the one alone in exile, not you. You still had my brothers.”

“Ah, so it all comes down to that? I have four other husbands, and so you need four wives too, eh? Or was it more? So many tales people tell me, I don’t even know where the truth ends and where the myth begins. Shall I find someone else too? There are many young and beautiful princesses in my father’s court, you know.”

“Your words cut me, my love. Just say it, and I will leave Subhadra in Dwaraka.”

“Leave Subhadra in Dwaraka – Bah! You talk as if Vasudeva will hug you for doing that!”

“Vasudeva will understand. He did leave Radha too.”

“He wasn’t married to Radha. I hate you, Arjuna.”

“No, don’t say that, Draupadi. I love you more than I do any of the others. There isn’t a woman I have loved or wanted more. You know that.”

“Your brothers think I am partial to you, did you know that?”

“Are you?”

“You are an idiot to even ask me that. Or are you so blind that you cannot see what everyone else does.”

“Oh, Draupadi. I am so very sorry. I cannot lie to you – I love you too much for that. I do love Subhadra, and I see no shame in admitting that. That does not make my love for you any less. Tell me what it is that will make you happy, and I will do that.”

“Words, words, you would have made a fine poet. You and that Vasudeva, a fine pair you make. Why, I think the two of you will sweet talk even Yama into leaving you be when he comes for all of us.”

“I am sorry Draupadi, but please try to see it from my point of view too. It hasn’t been easy, these years.”

“Oh, I understand alright. That doesn’t make it any better. Still, if a woman can have five men, I suppose a man is entitled to two at least.”

“Oh Draupadi, I knew you would understand. You will love Subhadra once you meet her. I am sure.”

“Now, don’t push it. Just promise me one thing, will you?”

“Anything you wish, my dear”

“No more women.”

“Sealed with a kiss?”



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