This parenting thing…

Much as I enjoy music, I don’t quite understand it. I sing rather badly, and am probably tone-deaf if I were to go by some definitions of tone-deafness. On the other hand, A sings quite well, though she has never had any formal training. She has a natural ability to quickly “get” a tune, and if she had the inclination to, she could play a musical instrument quite well. N is now nearly three and half, and she likes dancing to certain songs – a few hindi songs from the movie Aawarapan, Jingle Bells etc. I find myself hoping that she takes after my wife with regards to music, and is talented enough to pursue it more seriously in a few years time. If not music, some other creative art at least.

At this point what she enjoys the most is coloring. Scribbles mostly, though she is slowly learning to fill shapes without spreading the color outside the borders. She colors one picture and then will bring the book to A, and sometimes to me, demanding a “Very good”, “Excellent” and a smiley! Quite cute really. She also has a vivid imagination – her world is populated with assorted imaginary friends, and their numbers only seem to increase by the day. All her friends are girls though – I am not sure why that is the case. She plays with her imaginary friends in the balcony, creating imaginary worlds from stories and rhymes that she has heard. Often, she introduces them in conversations with us, so much so that they have become almost too real. Occasionally, I worry what goes on in her little head, but more often I am just glad that she is so imaginative. Maybe she will be a writer.

Given I am working from home much more often these days, I also try to teach her the odd word every day. More often though, I find myself correcting her sentences. What’s interesting is it’s made me much more conscious of the mistakes I make when I speak. While I write well and am generally very conscious about grammar and spelling, I can’t say the same for the way I speak. I am quite fluent and can even get on a roll at times, but the odd thing is there are elementary phrases that I stumble over. Generally, these  tend to be word-for-word literal translations of the way I would say it in Tamil. It’s just something that wasn’t corrected when I was a kid, and while I have ironed out several such odd usages over the course of time, a few still linger. In the past, I haven’t given it a second thought. It’s only now that I find myself much more conscious of these mistakes, even as I try to fix the mistakes that N makes. Given her play school teacher isn’t really fluent in English, it’s sort of become more incumbent upon A and me to make sure we get her basics right. And my basics right! ;- )

Sometimes I feel that a home should always have a kid who is between 2 -  6 years old. I am told the cuteness starts to fade after they are six. Given it’s unlikely we will have another kid, I guess I just have to make the most of this 4 year window!


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