Weight loss and other weighty matters

Finally, broke out of the 79-80 kgs zone to get my weight down to 77 kilos. Lost 1 kg during the 10 days at Uttarakhand, which was a bit less than I had hoped for. The revised goal had been to hit 75 kgs by end August. Didn’t quite manage that, still the steady progress is encouraging. 75 kgs stays as the near term goal, let’s see if I can get there by end Sep or mid Oct. I had reduced my daily intake of fried food the last 2-3 months, but that slowly starting to go up again. So, I need to watch out on that front.

After a brief bout of laziness post the trip, am slowly getting back to my tennis mornings and cycling routine. These days I pretty much get all the household shopping done on the cycle. Rather than buy a whole bunch of stuff for 1.5k – 2k in one visit to the supermarket, am distributing the purchases across multiple visits over the week. Helping me reduce the plastic bags use a wee bit as well.

As for the other goals that were lagging at the half-way mark, I have actually been listening to more music and started making a bit more progress on the cooking goal as well. Some tentative steps in writing more fiction too. It’s hard work, particularly when you don’t have a story to tell and are making it up as you go along. Have not been pleased with the quality of my writing, but it is what it is, and I hope I can keep at it and improve over time. Thanks to vijucat;, I also built up some steam in learning R, but it’s been tough going and has taken a back seat again now, unfortunately.

Work has been rather slow which is a bit off-putting. Some people I know are rather adept at inventing work for themselves, so that’s what I have been trying to do, though with not much success thus far.

All said and done, mostly good.

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