Say, our love loses
color as a painting sealed
in the attic, luv, would it
still last a long ways?

My mates say love, ’tis
like the whisky there
in that oak barrel; slower
and longer, the better.

So, tell me luv, ’tis 
this or that or both
or neither? Dance me luv,
to the end of love. 


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  1. Nice…
    I am intrigued by the change of the usage of the word “way”…I’d say, “a long way” and you use it with an “s” added. I also find that many people say “anyways” when I would say “anyway”.

  2. Why do you use the word “love” spelt in two different ways, does “luv” signify a term of endearment only? Just curious…

  3. Had originally called it Irish Love. “luv” here is a term of endearment only, refers to his wife/lover. Had hoped to give a bit of “Irish/Scottish” feel to this.

    About ways – I used it because I just felt a grammatically loose tone would work better. Maybe, it didn’t, eh? 🙂 Long way is right, of course.

  4. There’s no right or wrong about the usage of various spellings….it’s just that different people are used to different usages, that’s all.

    It does have a nice “ballad” feel to it.

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