Apartments and Poker…

Friday last, a couple of folks in my team threw a party at their new rental acco at Purva Fountain Square. I had never been there before, so I was a bit stunned by the size of the complex. I don’t think I have been to any other housing complex that is as large, though these days there are probably quite a few comparable ones. I stay in a fairly small apartment myself – just about 25 flats, so it felt a bit strange – made me wonder if I was missing something by not being part of a large community. The thing about a small apartment is I know most of the folks in the apartment though we may not exactly be friends. It helps that I am the treasurer of course, and have to every now and again play Bad Cop. I am not sure how it is in a large apartment complex where there is probably an external agency that deals with pretty much every routine issue. We have a caretaker too, but more often than not, we find ourselves troubleshooting common problems, and occasionally other people’s individual problems too. Still, things are manageable for the most part even if I lose an hour or so every weekend on apartment meetings, issue resolution and such. Friendships, I suppose, are a little easier to make in large apartments – you are probably more likely to meet someone whose wavelength matches yours when you have 1000 people to choose from as opposed to when you have jut 25. I imagine it must be an interesting academic exericse to study the formation of groups/cliques in large apartment complexes. The communist/socialist tending folks probably think hardly any communities would form in the first place given how individualistic we have become, and our tendency to live in happy isolation. I doubt that is true, though I am personally culpable to at least the isolation part of the prior statement. In any case, I am curious about the dynamics of large apartment complexes – what percentage of people engage actively, what sorts of groups form, how do tenants behave vis-a-vis owners, how are conflicts resolved, how do they affect the immediate community outside their own apartment, how do idealists fare etc…

On a more mundane note, I learnt a new Card game at the party – Poker. I had never played Poker before, but it wasn’t too difficult to get the hang of it. We played for fun for a while, but then to make things a bit more interesting, we played with real money – the princely amount of Rs 10/- per head. Only the second time in my life I had bet money in a card game. It’s interesting how differently people play when real money is involved. I played safe for the most part – folding unless I really felt I stood a good chance, but as I began to get the intricacies of the game a bit better, began to take a few more calculated risks. Of course, a lot depends on how the others play and there’s a large element of luck involved too. Of the seven who started the game, only two of us were left after several rounds had been finished. I had about 15 bucks and my colleague about 55 when we decided to fight to the finish. I got my earnings up to 35 by which time it was quite late. So, we just did a last draw where we bet the bank, so to speak. The luck that day was with me. Probably the first time in my life I came first in something the first time I tried my hand at it. Another day, I hope to learn Teen Patti.

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  1. Nice chatty post! We live in a sort of mid-size apt complex ..160 flats…and I’d personally not want to live in anything larger…but sometimes I think, the amenities might be better…as also the maintenance…?
    Would like to know your further observations on the subject.

    Aren’t poker and teen patti essentially the same?

    • Surprisingly, maintenance is more expensive in large apartments – In Purva, they pay roughly Rs.4K a month. I pay Rs.1,200/-. But yes, the amenities are certainly better. Given I live in a nice residential layout with a local club, it helps. But broadly speaking, that’s certainly a disadvantage with smaller apartments.

      I think Poker and Teen Patti are different, but I am not sure.

      • I live pretty much next door to FountainSquare. Maintenance is high, but it comes with advantages – club house, service and so on. Plus, there is a lot going on at all times but with the advantage of getting involved as much or as little.

        All good,

        And poker = texas hold em style?

      • Yeah, you are probably right. No idea what type of Poker – I didn’t even know there were different styles! 🙂

  2. I completely relate with this small vs large apartment complex thoughts. Ours is a 32-flat complex. And though it misses the lush lawns, club house, gym/pool etc..there are a few things which just wouldn’t let me trade it for a larger complex. When two electricians came home this weekend, our watchman stood by the door whole time, just because he knew I was alone at home, without even asking for it….these 32 families come to R in case of problems (he’s the president), and though it means additional hassles in whatever little personal time he has, but they look upto him. And that’s a good feeling in a strange city, far away from our families…we make potluck on festivals, ask for wi-fi passwords (when our own aren’t working), baby-sit for each other. Yes, we are not exactly friends but I don’t feel lost…and that’s saying a lot! —– Nidhi

  3. Nice
    I’ve never learnt any card games … I guess my milieu always forced me to associate them with a vice 🙂

    Congrats on the win


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