Celtic music…

Methinks, in some past life, I must have been an Irishman. The first time I heard Celtic music was when a decade ago a cousin introduced me to this little known group called Gaelic Storm. They had composed a couple of the songs in the Titanic. I downloaded a few more in the glory days of Napster, and I was hooked. Loreena McKennitt was the next Celtic artist I listened to, and I am not really sure how I came across her songs. I was to learn later though that her music was really more "World music" and not authentic Celtic. Not that it mattered much, I still loved it as much. Over the years I have listed to many more Celtic songs, but not too many I must say – for I am not someone who tries new artistes unless they have been heavily recommended or unless I am in a particularly free spirited mood. Of all the genres of music (outside Indian genres) I have listened to, I think Celtic music has probably given me the greatest joy.

There is a mesmerizing quality to Celtic music – be it the drinking songs or just the instrumental ones, they fill one with a sense of happiness and contentment. The perfect accompaniment to a rainy day, when you are on a high or when you are down and looking for a boost. Some day, I hope I can listen to a live performance by a top notch Celtic/Irish band.


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  1. Have you heard/seen riverdance? Tres cool

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