The smell of death…

Death and doom fill up my senses
whether down to age or the times
I live in, I cannot be certain
and while it is not a thing
that bears me down, is an inescapable
companion that bides its time,
for those silent moments, when it comes
gushing forth like a clouded cataract
overwhelming all other sights
and sounds of normalcy. In that moment,
I close my eyes, stifle the tears
take in the air, let out my fear
count to ten, twenty or thereabouts
and the moment passes – there are people
on the road, cars honking, a paan
stain in the making, all is
as it was and will be.

I read somewhere a dog yelped
before the earth shook and the building
crumbled, and so its master saw it
outside-in – I sense that too – this
deep foreboding has to be real;
yet I am no dog, and have to watch
the building crumble inside-out.
Life is a bitch, no?

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