Network Outage…

People slip away
like a fog in the morning,
the floor falls into
a noiseless trance;
awed, I imagine
a time – long gone, when
corporate real estate czars
did not stifle me –
my space, senses and vision
with a constant cacophony
of living and non-living clutter.

Sixty five square feet –
give or take a few,
is the luxury I am given
and nice as it is
to see my neighbour and hers,
hear her conversation or his,
(vice-versa, one hopes),
silence comes, but rarely;
contemplation, rarer still,
my work turns into bustle,
bustle turns into meetings,
meetings turn into work,
and work turns into hustle

I bustle and I hustle,
and managing the two
becomes my work (sometimes over lunch)
and I didn’t even notice
something died between the two,
till the day the DNS died too.

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  2. Interesting.

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