The Quizzing mentality…

..It is interesting, the way quizzing rewires one’s mind. Today morning, on the way to work, I was going through this World Atlas book (that A had left behind in the car), and very quickly found myself absorbed in the world of maps. Last month, I had started putting together a document to collate questions for any future quizzes. I did that for a week, but as with most things where there are no deadlines/milestones to meet, that effort died a quick death. The document had been lying on my desktop – not much used, not much seen. So, I was going through this Atlas, and I remembered that document – and funnily, I managed to put together what I think are four reasonably interesting questions by just looking at the maps and the preface to the Atlas.

It’s also quite fascinating the thoughts maps can put into one’s mind. I have been reading this book “The Island of Lost Maps” off and on over the last couple of months. A very fascinating book, even if somewhat uneven. Miles Harvey, the author, writes, among other things, of his life-long fascination with maps, and the psychological effects they have had on him. In today’s 45 minute drive to the office, I found myself relating to him a fair bit – just looking at well-known places I haven’t though of in a long long while, odd-ball places with names that reflect one-or-the-other adventurer’s flights of fancy – brought back the sheen of a world that still is heterogenous & full of different possibilities though we so often perceive it as one homogenous global village.

Come to think of it, it’s so strange then that not too long ago, I found myself doing location assessments that called for assessing Tunis, Casablanca, Bangalore, Cairo, Bucharest, Budapest, Odessa, Hanoi and so many other places all over the world in terms of their “attractiveness” for BPO delivery. This whole “cost perception” of the world, if one were to just reflect a bit, is so terribly sad really.

Back to work now. 🙂


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  1. Er, when writing those first few lines, do mention that you had a driver driving the car….!

    And I so agree with your last paragraph. Imagine a “cost perception” of an exotic location like Budapest or Casablanca!

  2. A post for the husband to read 🙂

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