Deverabetta trek…

…happened on Saturday. Was good fun. Usual gang. Deverabetta is near Thally, 3-4 kms off the Anekkal road, and about 15 kms further on from Muthal Mudiyu falls. This was the first trek we did without a destination in mind. I had convinced the others that Thally was just gorgeously beautiful and we could find some place to trek. Turned out that while that route is indeed beautiful, it’s not really dotted with hills. So, it was a bit of a relief to spot this hill.

When we reached there, we realized that the hill wasn’t actually worth climbing, but what was intriguing was this vast forest terrain extending all around. We noticed a couple of dirt tracks, went down one to do a quick inspection of the milieu. This track ended quickly at a large rock, from where we could survey the entire forest area. We noticed a hill about 3-4 kms further on, and a few more hills beyond that. The only worry was the forest seemed completely uninhabited and we weren’t really sure how safe it would be. But with Vasant & Bharat around, there wasn’t much hope for wary souls like me or Ashwin. Led by the intrepid duo, the rest of us headed into the forest in the general direction of the hill. Happily, the forest wasn’t too dense, though we had to negotiate a thorny bush or two. Midway through we reached a small lake that looked like a watering hole for the wildlife around. Thankfully, there weren’t any to bother us, and keeping a close watch for crocodiles, we walked along the lake and past it. Another 2 kms or so, and we had reached the base of the hill. The foliage was particularly dense just before we reached the base, and I wasn’t too keen on going ahead. V & B did a quick reconnaissance and convinced us to head on. Just as well, as we were almost immediately at the base of the hill. The hill itself was more of a hillock actually, I would be stretching things to the limit to call the ascent even remotely strenuous. We were at the top in another 5-10 minutes, and we settled down there to talk about what the whole world is talking about – The Financial Meltdown. Here’s the view from the top of the hill..

Another day, we may have ventured further, but it was quite hot, and we didn’t really feel like going further into the unknown. So, we headed back, stopping for a while near the lake to skip stones along the water and to see who could throw a stone the farthest. Exciting, no! 🙂 Abhishek won the skipping the stones contest, and Ashwin won the farthest throw contest. I was the worst at skipping the stones thing, pretty much every attempt I made ending with the stone sinking without a trace! Childhood skills aren’t supposed to vanish just like that, no? 🙂

Around 12:15 or so, we were back at the temple. Plan was to stop at Muthal Mudiyu on the way back, but we lost our way bit, and ended up doing a 10 km detour before we hit Muthal Mudiyu. Didn’t really go down, as it didn’t seem like there was much water. Ended up having lunch at Karnataka Tourism’s Mayura hotel there which was a one man show – the dude took the orders, served the food, and probably cooked it as well – with the result that we ended up being there for almost 2 hours! Stopped again at Nisarga layout on the way back for a cuppa chai, and was back home by 5:15. An hour longer than my usual day trek, funny really, given that this was a relatively easy trek compared to the last few.

All said and done, great fun once again. The only regret – no great snaps this time since none of us took a camera. This one’s from a Samsung mobile – not bad really, for a 2 mpx phone camera.


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  1. guess you’ve hardly missed anything about the entire trek (if one could call it that)… good one.


  2. E-enjoyed your outing very much!

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