James Anderson…

…is probably the bowler I love to watch the most in Test Cricket. It’s just such an awesome sight – genuine, pacy swing: to watch the arc of an Anderson outswinger at 140Kmph or so is quite literally poetry in motion. And when that snick flies to the slips or the befuddled batsman finds his stumps knocked over, you can’t help but wish that Jimmy boy would do it more often. Even against India. Well, ok, I got a bit carried away 🙂

Test Cricket so rocks. Lalit Modi, may you rot in hell.

There’s something about Test Cricket in England. Those lush green out-fields, gentle applause, reasonably packed stadiums, spectactors with atrocious attires and head-gear guzzling beer, I mean, that is *fun*. Not silly girls dancing about around the boundary.


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  1. Agree with you when you say Test cricket rocks. Only Test cricket will bring out the abilities and weakness in a player. T20 may make your pulse racing, but one can nothing to beat test cricket.

  2. Totally agree.

  3. I think T20 is a better game. I don’t think is’a less skillfull game, It’s just a different kind of skill – calculated risk taking is more important than patience.

    And what’s wrong with silly girls dancing around the boundaries?!

    • Let’s just say we appreciate different things about cricket 🙂

      Nothing’s wrong with silly girls dancing around boundaries – like I said, to me that’s not much fun. People celebrating in their own ways in the stadium – painted faces, whacko head-gear, a spontaneous mexican wave – now that’s fun. Organized dancing (and not very good dancing at that) – well, not what I watch cricket for.

  4. 4th test, Anderson to Smith …. first over… three outswingers to set him up … all at 140K + … then one that comes back …. leaving him dead. The dismissal was priceless and what was even more splendid was Smiths expression … he walked off with the look of a man convinced that he could not have survived that one … an acceptance of fate, like a cow in the rain.

  5. Agree with you when you say test cricket is fun, but its fun when you have two evenly matched sides playing. Test matches in England have always been special, Australia is also great especially the back to back ones (boxing day and the New year one), West Indies was fun in the early and late 90s when lara, Ambrose and Walsh were at their peak especially the 1998 series against Australia. South Africa, NewZealand, and India also had their moments ….

    But then u have dampners like test cricket in Sri lanka, the worst country to play cricket (test) in, the Sri Lankan Attitude to kill the match, score 900+ runs, even though i dont blame their tactics, they are an eye sore to watch.
    Test Series in pakistan played at near empty stands, how do u pump yourself to watch cricket there. and any matches involving Bangaladesh, i mean you know the result before the match starts.

    So on the whole, T20 rocks, test cricket in some parts of the world rocks…. Long live T20, long live test cricket… 🙂 now the question is where does it mean to ODI?

    • In general, I agree with you about sri lanka being a sucky place for test cricket, I don’t think 900+ runs are always the feature even if run scoring is slower than elsewhere. The last test which India lost was a case in point. Slow test, but absorbing nevertheless. Sangakkara’s attritional century was pretty special.

      Pakistan, I agree sucks. As does Bangladesh. 🙂 West Indies, I think is still fun – though it’s a pity (the great Chanderpaul apart) their team rather sucks.

      T20 is good, but probably just as a 1-2 month season, and with fewer matches than were in IPL. ODIs are good when you don’t have just “bang bang” tracks. I think T20 with batsmen friendly tracks & ODIs with a balanced track would do nicely.

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