Nothing to say

Living my life out of a suitcase,
sights filled my head with words
so freshly minted and surreal
I could smell them coming
even before I saw the sights
and they meant the world to me.

I sit now at a desk, a shade
of unfathomable gray so full of meaning
I wouldn’t know where to start looking;
and I fear, if I did, I would find
even the words I knew
leaking out like a dysfunctional toilet flush
till I am a man the way
newsreaders are men.

Precis:  Nothing to say,
and I will say it
over and over again.


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  1. Serious and nice..but what *do* you have against newsreaders?! They do have words of their own when they are away from the screen or the radio….

  2. Sorry for asking this, but who do you need the ayurvedic doctor for?

    • Ayurvedic doctor for self, mainly. Maybe, for my dad & daughter too.

      • I asked, because I am not too sure you would want to do Ayurveda for your daughter or your father. My father is asthmatic and was under Ayurvedic treatment from a very reputed place, and was recovering, until one lab in Delhi, where my brother took him to for a regular check, found out the Ayurvedic medicines he was taking had a lot of banned drugs. Especially a large quantity of a banned steroid. So his recovering was just, mostly euphoria.

        The docs in Delhi said that these days it is not a very good idea to trust Ayurvedic medicines as most of them have steroids. And since there is no regulation, even reputed companies use them. So please exercise caution.

      • Oh, thanks for the warning! Right now, it’s more a couple of things I want to check on – and it’s all ‘external’ treatment/diet related stuff. So, hopefully, drugs won’t be a part of it!

        My daughter is somewhat atopic (eczema). Nothing major, but we were advised to apply a steroid based cream couple of occasions. Was just thinking about an ayurvedic consultation for her. Not really treatment though.

        Will exercise caution!

      • You may also try homoeopathy. It is usually, as elders in my family say, more gentle on babies.

        The flip side is that all the drugs are alcohol-based. Paediatric homoeopaths therefore pour less of that on those sweetened globules.

      • Somehow I have always been suspicious of homeopathy, though a few elders in my family have used homeopathic medicines too. Just bias, but can’t help it! I had no idea the drugs were all alcohol-based though!

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