A very brief rumination on the Energy Crisis…

I have been reading a bit about the coming energy crisis and the like. And am realizing there’s some pretty cool research going on in solar, wind, safer nuclear energy, nano-tech, carbon eating algae etc that are trying to solve different aspects of the problem, and it seems like, optimistically, in 10-15 years time, we should have some sort of “renewable solution” that will crack the energy puzzle, maybe for good.  That would just be so amazing.  This move from oil to renewable energy & dramatically lower carbon emissions without having to cut down on lifestyle would be just such an incredibly powerful change. It may not happen, there’s always the chance of that, but no one ever won a bet against technology.

All this will probably be too late for many of the world’s great cities today, particularly those in India & China – some, I think will simply not be liveable (not that they are particularly so today) in 10-15 years unless they dramatically alter course & go through a period of pain & shrinkage till easier/cheaper solutions come by. But new cities will arise. And the old ones that don’t take action within the next 3-5 years will disintegrate and rebuild.

Well, at least, that’s my hopeful hypothesis. 🙂


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