Two treks in the past 20 odd days – pretty cool.

The first was at Sakleshpur end of last month – we had gone to trek this hill called Jenukal near Sakleshpur. Trekked in the morning – it was raining like crazy, and bloody windy. And then, the leeches, which thankfully spared me – courtesy some good preparation with salt/lime/relispray, some sheer panic, and some bloody good fortune. We had climbed about 70% of the way, when we had to call it quits because it got too risky – the last part of the climb was rather steep, the rains had gotten heavier, and the wind was literally blowing us off our feet. A bit of a pity that we couldn’t complete the trek, but the trip was great fun overall. We stayed overnight at an overpriced home-stay, but the food was excellent, and we had a lot of fun chatting, playing dumb-charades and the like.

This Saturday was an easier trek – the usual day trek this time. Location – Rangaswamy  betta off Kanakapura road, near a place called Horanahalli or something like that. The climb was rather similar to the Skandagiri one, but this time the weather was bloody awesome. I was in fine spirits, and for a change, made it more easily to the top than a couple of the others. About a hour & 45 minutes climb, though it can be done a little quicker if you don’t stop along the way. There’s a small cave temple of Balaji at the top & the view is excellent, if not spectacular. We also had to walk a couple of kms from the village where we had parked our car to the foothill, and I could spot some really beautiful butterflies along the path. Lots of birds too, unlike Skandagiri and a couple of the other hills we had gone to earlier. I think this place could make for a good bird-watching visit too. Maybe, another time.

We made the mistake of not carrying enough water & food, so, by the time we stopped for lunch at around 3:30 in some restaurant near the Art of Living campus, I had a bad headache. Thankfully, this time, that didn’t lead to nausea, and I was almost fine by the time I got home.  After a quick nap, was out again to a colleague’s place who had invited some of us over dinner. Excellent kerala dinner (appams, stew and the like) was had, though I was a bit stuffed and tired out to do justice to the food.

Guess this will be my last trek for a while – I thought Skandagiri would have been my last, but with A being in Delhi, I have had weekends to kill, and, but for my addiction to Prison Break, have made fairly good use of it.  Wasted another 10 hours on PB yesterday to compensate for the exertions of Saturday.


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  1. pretty neat…

    Abhishek Shah

  2. Prison Break FTW…


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