The Scream…

My story – It begins and ends
here, in this place of work
and money. Oh, this need
for the good life, growth
some would say – you start
at 2 lakh something and add
a zero and you hope, someday,
then some.

And everyday, I stifle
this scream for the sea.
But, you hear it, maybe,

In the old days, they sailed,
I read in these fat fantasy books,
simple men with
similar complex minds
– women, adventure,
plunder, wisdom –
different callings

Maybe, they didn’t go far –
wherever their boats, the horse,
their feet, donkey even –
(Mulla Nasruddin ha, ha ha)
took them – knights
in their coarse armour (or without)
it doesn’t matter now, does it-
For Go, they did. Forgo.


I romanticize, you say – and yes,
there is truth in that.

But, you hear it, maybe,

Forgive me, Mr. Munch


Posted on July 18, 2008, in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. This is LOVELY – one of your best pieces without doubt!

  2. VERY nice…I didn’t hear a *scream*, but definitely, a sigh….

    Keep writing.

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