The story of the greatest rasam ever made :-)

Man, cooking is tiring. 🙂

The wife & baby are out-of-town, and for the first time ever, I tried my hand at cooking something more complex than bread toast, maggi, dal & rice :-). With my parents just around the corner, I have never had to do much in the kitchen, but they are out for a week too, and so….

Rasam was the goal, and right now, I am just super drunk pleased about how well the rasam turned out. Multiple calls went forth to Delhi during the 1 hr it took me to make everything – boil rice, boil dal, and prepare the rasam. Much trepidation about the way it was looking as the clock ticked – 5 min – how much tamarind should I squeeze, 6th min – throw the tomatoes, the hing, the chillis, the turmeric powder, blah, blah…gee, did I add too much??? 15 min – looks too brown…hmm, too much tamarind?, 30 min – should I add the dal, how much dal? More water? How much more? 40 min – looks yummy…

Tasted yummy too – just about perfect, but for a wee bit more tamarind than necessary. Which was good in a way since the potato podimas (that I had made in the morning) didn’t have enough salt and spice.

This one time at least, it was good to do this instead of lazing on the couch to watch some crap on the tube. I think I will try a few more things over the next few days – sambar, dry bhindi curry etc. Let’s see how they turn out.


Finished Season-2 of Prison Break yesterday. Excellent, but for the last 2-3 episodes which were a tad too filmy & haphazard. I wasted 12 hrs last Sunday on PB-2. Hopefully, will be more measured with Season-3.


Have a call at 12:30 tonight – not much fun that. Which, in part, explains this post.


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  1. Cool! When I landed in Germany I did not even know how to make rice. I used to eat Mc.Donalds burger every evening and a Banana for lunch. Now I can cook quite a bit. My speciality is pudina kurma which i learnt from mom. Never tried sambar though…all the best…njoy your cooking

  2. Isn’t podimas just potatoes mashed with butter? That’s what a friend used to make.

    • NOOOOOOO! B on the W will give you the recipe if you ask him nicely. B on the W..GREAT GOING!

      • 🙂 uh oh! Now I am a bit scared to mention what it is.

        I don’t know if they add butter usually – I didn’t. Mashed potatoes, with all sorts of flavourings – chili, haldi, pepper (optional), mustard seeds – you can add a bit of onion if you wish.

        I didn’t have chili & any other vegetable at home – so basically it was mashed potato with spices.

        Deponti, does this still qualify as podimas? 🙂

      • I’ll give you a tip for podimas…instead of adding salt and haldi and chilli powder, just add toshai molagapudi! It’s yum.

        For all you know, this tip came from your mom to mine and then to me…heehee. So the copyright is yours anyway!


      • Aaha, the Palghat hack!:-)

        There are so many orange coloured powders in all these little dabbas – just can’t figure out which is what! 🙂 For all you know, I will add some sambhar powder instead of molagapodi!!

      • KM once made sambar with chilli powder instead of sambar powder, and once with kadalai paruppu instead of thuvaram paruppu, in St Louis. And once he added wine to supplement the puLi. so you are probably in good company.

      • Wine instead of puli!! Ha Ha Ha…Totally cracks me up just thinking of it!

      • Yes, any mashed vegetable tempered with mustard seeds and spices is “podimAs”. No butter in the recipe that I have….

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