Prison Break…

Work/tennis colleagues had been raving about Prison Break the last couple of months. Unfortunately, they only had real media files of Season-1, which doesn’t play on my DVD player. And I don’t like watching anything longer than 30 minutes on my comp. As a result, I kept putting off my plans to watch the tele-series. Last week, I finally gave in to the curiosity & got the Season-1 DVDs from Seventymm to check out if it was really worth all that hype.

Ended up watching it for 6 hrs (8 episodes each time) non-stop on Saturday and Sunday. 

Tuesday, I was working from home ‘cos I wasn’t too well, and finished the last 6 episodes as well. End of season-1. Gripping is putting it mildly. I am a huge Lost fan, but I think this is probably a wee bit better.

Have the Season-2, Season-3 in avi format, so I guess I should be able to catch that on my DVD player. The weekend seems quite distant right now. 🙂

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  1. Lol, u dont have the third season 🙂

  2. not too well, working from home, 6 episodes….hmmm! 🙂

    How’s the little Hitler doing? (they are all Hitlers!)

  3. Then come to the quiz on Saturday I say!

  4. Perhaps as you’ll collect more DVDs of the show, we’ll hear of you working from home all the time!!

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