‘Cos today feels like a good day for a post…

It took me quite a long time, but I finally did finish “The Book Thief” today. Every page is peppered with tortuous similies and metaphors that are hard to understand, but the basic idea, the story and the context are so powerful, it still works wonderfully well. A couple of occasions, I stopped reading it simply because it felt like I was being subjected to a heavy heart breaking onslaught that was getting too much to take. In that sense, it is not really unputdownable – to use that oft misused word, but it is a book you will want to return to.

On one of those occasions when I stopped reading “The Book Thief”, I started out reading Richard Branson’s autobiography “Losing my Virginity” – about the time A was admitted to the hospital. Turned out to be just the right book to keep myself occupied in the hospital, for those moments when Namita (yes, that’s what we named her) and A were asleep or resting. I finished it in a fortnight or so, which is quite incredible, given my current reading habits. I haven’t read too many autobiographies, but this is probably as good as it gets. Absorbing, entertaining, with revealing business nuggets hidden here and there. It’s not meant to be a business book – so you won’t find too much “strategy” and that sort of bull, but it’s a fun read. I suppose one can’t take everything that he’s written about at face value, but nevertheless, there’s much to admire about Branson & the things he has managed to pull off.

A certain madness, like Branson himself says, is a necessity to be drawn to (let alone to succeed in) seemingly unsurmountable challenges. I don’t have that sort of madness in me, but it is good to have people like that around.

Parenting is fun – a good friend told me before we had the baby that she somehow fancied my chances as a dad if we had a girl. We did have a girl, and I am beginning to think maybe she was right. I hold N and make up songs out of everyday objects and moments; often the songs rhyme well, why even the tunes aren’t all that bad, even if I say so myself. On occasions, I have even managed to put her to sleep, and that, I must tell you, is not an easy thing at all. But when she does fall asleep, it is such a beautiful feeling. Truly. The first time I put her to sleep, I set her down on the bed a bit too soon, and she was crying again in 5 minutes. Since then I have made sure I rock her in my arms for at least 10 minutes after she’s fallen asleep, before I set her down on the bed. That seems to work better.

Yesterday, it felt like she recognized me for the first time. I am probably kidding myself though. Babies can’t recognize anyone other than their mom for a couple of months at least. So I have been told.

Tennis continues without any impact whatsoever on my general fitness levels. But who cares.


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