What if Roger Federer did an Edberg…

Q. You come to the net quite a lot, but I doubt you’d describe yourself in terms of a serve and volleyer in terms of a Stefan Edberg or Pat Rafter of the past. Do you think in this day and age it’s possible to be out and out serve and volleyer and compete at the very top of the game?
ROGER FEDERER: I think it’s possible, for sure. Yeah. The conditions have become very slow with the balls and courts and everything slowing down. But I think if you volley very well, you know, like Edberg would have done in the past or Pete or Rafter, Becker and these guys, you know, they’re such great athletes and so good at the net, you know, it’s — I think you could put an incredible amount of pressure on the baseline players today. You could take away the time from them.
But it is hard, because maybe we return way better today and pass much better because conditions are a bit slower and because we — everybody’s practicing that way. But I would be interested in my own game if I would just start serve and volleying first, second serve and see where it would take me in the ranking at the end of the year. It would be interesting to see.

Q. Any plans to do that?

ROGER FEDERER: No plans at the moment, but you never know.

Somehow I get this feeling, that if & when he gets to 15, he may indeed do that. That would be something, no? Just for that reason, I hope he gets to 15, if not this year, at least next year.


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  1. I don’t enjoy a baseline game much, do you? I mean I used to play a lot of tennis in school and college and I always wanted to play like Becker or Edberg.

    • Oh, I was a die-hard Becker fan till he retired. I don’t enjoy baseline games much either, but I am just a huge Federer fan now. I have never seen a player who’s got as much in his game as Federer has.

      I took up tennis only after college, and play just about ok. But I have been playing fairly regularly of late. Tennis is just a lot of fun!

  2. while i like Federer..i think Pete was better 🙂 …even after coming out of retirement he gave Roger a run for his money in those exhibition matches….so in a wierd kind of way i want Pete to have the grandslam record 🙂 …though thats wishful thinking….am always happy when a grandslam is won by someone else other than Fedex

    • Pretty closely matched both, but I would rate Federer a shade over Pete! Federer has rarely been troubled by people who are not heavy ball-hitters. Pete’s serve is the greatest of all time, but he was not the heaviest hitter of his time, let alone now.

      From what I have read, Fed didn’t really play at full throttle in the exhibitions.

      • Fedrer is the best

        Grew up watching Lendl playing and never winning the Wimbledon, saw Jim Courier dominate the early part of 90s, then saw the Sampras/Agassi/Spanish Armada era, but never have I used the term invincible. But watching Fedrer for the past 3-4 years, he has literally been invincible barring in clay….

        I hope this slump in form is just a passing phase, and he regains his form back… By far the best player to have graced the tennis court.

      • Re: Fedrer is the best

        I pretty much think so too, but will have to reserve judgment, and see how things pan out over the next 2-3 years.

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