The case of the special webbing…

“if the wicketkeeper wears gloves, they shall have no webbing between the fingers except joining index finger and thumb, where webbing may be inserted as a means of support. If used, the webbing shall be (a) a single piece of non-stretch material which, although it may have facing material attached, shall have no reinforcement or tucks. (b) such that the top edge of the webbing (i) does not protrude beyond the straight line joining the top of the index finger to the top of the thumb; (ii) is taut when a hand wearing the glove has the thumb fully extended.”

Boy, when did such legalese get into the cricket books!

That apart, does Robin Uthappa even know how to play straight?  He reminds me of some school friends I used to, at heart, snigger at, when they would launch into an almighty across-the-line swipe in tennis ball cricket.

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  1. Am sure he will not be able to draw a straight line even if you give him a scale..:-) He is an unorthodox player…suits the T20 style…but you have to admit that *The Six* of Bret Lee (Free hit) was the highlight of the day

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