To Chennai & back

Hectic Chennai to-and-fro trip happened yesterday. Had to attend a college classmate’s wedding. The muhurtham was from 9:30-10:30. Leave at 3:45 AM from home, pick up another classmate from his residence. Meeting him for the first time in 3.5 years or so. See him holding his gift, and realize I have forgotten mine. Head back home and pick up gift. Start again at 4:15. Reach electronic city at 4:30. Try to go around a truck blocking the way, and end up with my car’s front left tyre mired in some sort of crater by the side of the road. Unable to extricate the tyre. Get off, and try lifting. Too heavy. Kind soul, cabbie driving by stops. Find some heavy stones, pull out the jack, and somehow find a way to get the tyre out. Manage to do that in 20-25 minutes. Almost 5 now. Drive fast, avg speed of 100, touching 137 one little instant, break for breakfast around 7:30, and reach outskirts of Chennai around 8:45. Mighty thrilled, make the mistake of noticing a diversion to Tambaram. Ask a few folks by the roadside who suggest we take the diversion, though the road isn’t the best. Nod our heads, and do accordingly. Road is the worst. Poor Santro struggles through terrible patches for 1 hour plus before we hit a good road again. Finally reach the marriage hall at 10:45. Marriage over. Thankfully, some minor ceremonies still going on. Shamefaced, we wish the couple, meet another classmate from Bangalore. And a couple of college mates for the first time since graduation. Exchange wishes, have lunch,  pick up some wedding goodies, and a couple of hours after, head out to Velachery to meet another friend. Call up to ask for directions at least 5 times on the way, and yet go off the wrong way. Somehow manage to reach his place. Spend an hour or so chatting. Play a console game (Wii) for the first ever time. Beaten by the computer 1-0 in tennis. Very funny. Check out route map on Leave his place around 3. Hit Poonamallee road, terrible traffic, an hour and 15 minutes later, finally hit the outskirts of Chennai. Hand over car control to friend. Talk about politics, religion and God. Some sort of agreement on the non-existence of God. Agree that science does not explain everything. Acknowledge discomfort with Islam, and organized religion per se. I drift asleep for a while. Wake up. More talk. Hit e-city by 8:30. Another hour, and I am back home.

Tiring day. Good day. Just takes 4 hours to hit Chennai outskirts from E-city. How cool is that! Awesome, the expressway, though the toll seems a bit high.

Lessons learnt

  • Should never do a to-and-fro journey to Chennai on the same day, attractive as it may seem.
  • Never take a bad road, despite whatever promised benefits.
  • Always assume at least an half-hour’s disruption to your plans.
  • Have a very detailed route map, once you hit the city.

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