Music, books and other such arbit notes…

Many things on my plate, all of a sudden. All sorts of unconnected deliverables/presentations. Am finding it’s rather difficult to multi-task when your tasks have little in common with each other.


The last two evenings/nights at home, I have been listening to this World Music CD that I had burnt many years ago – a different era almost. I hadn’t heard it in over 2-3 years, and didn’t even realize I was missing it, when I found it misplaced in a different CD case day before evening. That made me think of the other CDs that were possibly misplaced and I ended up spending a fair while sorting through my limited CD collection, and organizing them reasonably better. That task done, I put on the world music CD, and spent the next couple of hours humming along to French Accordion music, Taj Mahal, and other artists whose names I no longer remember.

Put me in a state of mind that I suppose I can best describe as extraordinarily peaceful. Listened again for a fair while yesterday night. Same effect. It’s always nice to revisit songs that you haven’t heard in a long time. There is something extra-magical about that particular experience.


Currently consuming a very interesting book, “The book thief” . I don’t normally get books I haven’t heard about earlier, but this was one of those exceptions. Had picked it up at Crossword after reading all the praises in the blurb. And am glad I did. The story’s set in World War II Germany, which is all I shall say for now. Fantastic writing, totally absorbing, and pulls all the right strings. Halfway through right now, and should, in all probability, finish it over the weekend.

Also organized my book shelves/cupboard last week and realized that quite a few books have been sitting on my book shelf in various stages of completion. Close to 20 books – Some of them I wonder why I even bought in the first place, but guess I should at least read the rest before getting any more used/new ones


Invested directly in the markets today, after many many years. Bought 100 odd shares of K SERA SERA productions. Pure whim. RGV better have a few hits this year. 🙂

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  1. Did you watch the Flecktones video? let me know what you think…

  2. Nice post. Yes, old songs revisited feel so good…

    And you want to know how your shares will do? Look at the company name!

  3. some risk appetite u have dude …. 🙂 buying stock in RGV …. gosh … ur sounding like an underworld don now … way to go

    • :-)Stock Tip #1 – Never buy the stocks I buy.
      Stock Tip #2 – Never enter the markets when I do.

      The last time I entered the markets, the next day the Ketan Parikh scam broke out. This time, we had Black Friday and Black Monday and so forth! 🙂

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