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Wonder if there’s some Indian start-up doing something like this. This is the sort of enterprise focused innovation that I wish more Indian web start-ups were looking at, rather than doing me-too orkut/flickr/google/blogger/digg/priceline wannabes.

Robert Scoble had some dumb thoughts on why enterprise software isn’t sexy in his post – http://scobleizer.com/2007/12/09/why-enterprise-software-isnt-sexy/

Well, clearly, if you think hard enough, you can do sexy enterprise software too.

I have my own theory about why the better developers aren’t found in enterprise software (at least in India), but I will leave that for another day. What I do feel is this – now is as good a time as any for smart developers to look at innovative enterprise software in the Indian context.


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  1. Basically we have 2 types of problems

    [1] Analysing the data from web.Most of them are trying to do with Polls/ratings since getting one of the consulting companies to do it is vey expensive.

    But we need a more intelligent approach.

    [2] Secondly, getting the feedback from non-digital junta. Today we dont have any mechanism to how many Clinic All Clearn shampoos are sold in a village. The market survey results are not at all accurate.

    Interesting post. Infact today morning I was thinking about.. getting to do something intelligent like this.

    • Was just wondering why I don’t see interesting enterprise start-ups in India. It’s not like there aren’t problems out there that don’t need solving!

      Non-digital junta is a different ball game altogether. I think the opportunities there are well-recognized now (not just in the context of this particular problem) – it’s just that solutions, even if technically not too difficult, aren’t easy to implement.

      Thanks for the comment!

      • No, I was just trying to put what I had in discussion with a couple of people a few days back. To make a product like this , it needs a good amount of skilled professionals who can invest some time here. AND thats the very difficult part.

      • Yeps, quite true. I think the enterprise market/needs aren’t always obvious, one needs to spend time within, or if not, gain that sort of understanding in other ways.

  2. I’ve been doing this for the past two years using a bunch of software i hacked up for a project. I call it brand 360, and offer it to clients who want to analyze the impact of brand perception on the internet. For the past four months, I’ve added the capability to monitor the effectiveness of online promotions and their impact on the brand (for eg., how will a product review, coupled with a one month promotion, impact sales and marketing? ) The market potential for this business is huge.

    BTW, I’m in bangalore the first week of january (2nd thru 5th). Let us catch up.

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