A few more pics from yet another trip to Madivala lake on Sunday evening. One more bird ticked off on my list of known birds – The Purple Moorhen. It is quite fascinating to see the pelicans take off and land, though I didn’t see as many pelicans in the evening.

After we returned home, I switched on the tube, and with nothing much to see, tuned into Animal Planet. Just in time to see David Attenborough Presents, and strangely enough, the episode was on pelicans, in particular on how pelicans learn to “plunge dive”. Quite amazing, really. I haven’t seen that yet in Madivala lake, but the way they take-off and land, while not as sensational as the plunge dive, is just as beautiful to watch.

Pelicans, I learn, usually lay 3 eggs at a time, of which only one survives long enough to reach adulthood. The parent provides the fish initially, but food is scarce, and typically the youngest is killed by the older ones quite early, and of the older two, one gets done in by its sibling just before either learns to fly.

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  1. Lovely post.. Didnt know about the “Plunge Dive”.. Googling now 🙂

    BTW, Looks like you got the Wildlife bug 😉

    • So long as I can find wildlife a few kms around my home, I am always game! 🙂

      And thanks for the correction on the plunge drive. I just assumed all pelicans could do it. My amateurish guess is the brown pelicans probably live around the ocean/sea, and there are large shoals of fish that they can spot from high up. Possibly, that’s why they learnt to plunge dive!

  2. After some googling, I found that only Brown Pelicans do the plunge dive. Madiwala Lake has only Spot Billed Pelicans. According to the website

    Spot Billed Pelicans are quick grabbers.They paddle along in the water, usually where there is a lot of vegetation where they can hide. They slowly swim up to prey and then catch it with a quick lunge. These birds like to hunt by themselves.

    Source : http://www.sandiegozoo.org/animalbytes/t-pelican.html

  3. Never knew there’z a boating option close to where i live [Ref – 1st photograph]

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