Weekend notes

Attended the Saturday morning session at Barcamp Bangalore. Participated somewhat actively in one of the collectives – Web Analytics. A couple of folks from AOL spoke about how they were using Omniture, and on web analytics in general. Quite enjoyed some of the discussions that happened, and could relate a fair bit.

That was the only one I found worthwhile though. I spent a very brief while in 3 other sessions – one on interface design or something like that. The chaps there were talking about designing for screen, print, banners and what not, and that was simply out of my league. Quit that, and hopped across to a discussion on online reputation management. I got bored very quickly there, and then went over to a session where they were discussing the simputer, OLPC and the like. jace was around, but quite in the middle of it, and so couldn’t quite strike up a conversation. I hung around for a bit, but I guess I am too old/cynical for idle chat on topics like these, and I got bored soon, and left after that.

Thought about attending the afternoon session, but the attraction of a good siesta was too good to resist, and that was the end of my brief encounter with barcamp. Johnny come lately I may be, but I must say I quite like the idea. The good sessions are quite interesting, the bad ones you can always walk out. It must take a lot to put this together, and given that it’s all a voluntary effort, really very commendable. If IIM-B continues to play host, that will be perfect for lazy folks like me.

Sunday morning, A & I woke early, and hopped over to Madivala lake to catch the birds that have been making a buzz in the papers and elsewhere. Totally worth it or what!! Hundreds of pelicans, god knows where they came from, though I am told they are not migratory, or at least haven’t traveled from Siberia or something. No matter, the wife thinks every bird in a water body, well, maybe ducks excluded, is a migratory bird. It’s really quite funny. Spotted a bunch of other birds too – googling later told me these were different sort of egrets, cormorants, and the like.

The best part was outside the lake though – I spotted a female koel (spots and all) on a tree, sitting next to a male koel. We didn’t know it was a female koel then, we just thought it was migratory too. I was actually heartbroken to know that it was only a damn koel, but apparently it is quite elusive, so that was some consolation.

It’s always good to wake up early, and get some stuff done in the morning. Like I always say, I hope I can do this more often.

And folks, do make a visit to the Madivala lake – poorly maintatined it is, but well worth your time this time of the year, and even more so, if you have a little kid and you can spin a few stories.

A few pics, not very good, but nevertheless…

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  1. Hey, you should have called or something. I was anyway getting interrupted all the time.

    • Thought I would catch you after it got over, but I was rather hungry 🙂 & decided to head home.

      Btw, are you still in jayanagar or are you living with your parents?

      • Moved to Langford Town a while ago. Really like this place — nice house, middle of the city, and I’m just a kilometre from work, so I get to walk or cycle depending on the mood.

      • Oh, I love Langford town. That park is very nice, and it still has that old bangalore feel.

        But, aren’t you with Comat anymore? I thought Comat was in Rajaji Nagar or something like that.

      • Comat’s moved to Richmond Road.

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