A question on highlighting text in a pdf…

Is there some freeware/tool available that allows highlighting text in a pdf document? I can’t do it on Adobe Reader, but is there some other way to do this?


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  1. Did a googe search (I’m sure you’ve already done that) but this is what I found: http://www.verypdf.com/pdf-editor/index.html

    Not completely sure it works. You could open it in some version of Photoshop and make the changes . . .

  2. wikkid

    switch to a mac, its native pdf reader does highlighting

  3. mate, i was looking up your profile and saw that you are an alum from isb. am taking the isb interview on nov 5. just wondering if you could pass on tips/advice as regards to your experience.

    email would be better. do let me know if i could mail in and at which id.

  4. Foxit Reader does this, and lets you save your annotated PDF back.
    The only snag is that unless you purchase it, it also writes “Foxit Reader” or something on the top of the page, but this is pretty invisible and is not annoying at all.

    One big issue with Foxit is that Ctrl+F doesn’t work properly. But, yes, the annotations are wonderful….You can not just highlight in various colours but also write bubble notes (those cartoon bubble thingies), underline with a squiggle, change colours etc;

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