SMS and identity…

It would be interesting to see how we fare if we voted in our political representatives via sms polls. 🙂

I haven’t ever seen a full episode of Indian Idol, but the last few days it’s been impossible to escape. Fascinating, the ways in which regional pride finds expression these days.

I watch Sa Re Ga Ma on Zee, and regional pride, while it is constantly invoked even there, doesn’t seem to have the same effect. Or so I think. There’s a Pakistani guy, Amaanat in the top 3. Assuming he makes it to the top 2, should be interesting to see how the final pans out.

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  1. An interesting proposal Arun, if we can ensure one number per voter ID (which is expected to be only one per person). We do not want the politicians sending themselves 10L votes from the same/multiple phones now, do we?

    I remember we discussed the concept of SMS voting and the money-sharing of the revenue between the Service Provider and the TV Channel. So I understand why the networks are encouraging multiple voting: IT gets them more moolah.

    Then again, with regard to the game shows we are currently having, I can’t help but question the voting when a person can end as many votes as s/he wants from the same mobile. Where is the authenticity of the voting, for a network can fix the entire show and ensure that the person they want is stated to have won.


    • Oh, I don’t like the idea of multiple votes at all. The networks do that simply for the moolah. No doubt whatsoever on that. And it isn’t really the ideal way to judge merit.

      My observation was more on how these reality shows have become an outlet for regional pride, with the merits of the singers/performances not counting for much at all. I am amazed that someone can vote 500 times or whatever, just because the contestant is from the same region. And often, the person voting doesn’t appear to be either a friend or a relative.

      • Sunil

        Interesting thought Arun.
        I guess, certain regions within the country have not been able to find enough representation in main stream media historically and continue to do so, a point which further augments the fact that growth in India hasn’t been very inclusive.

        A contestant from let say Mumbai or Delhi will probably not elicit a similar response, there are enough people in these regions who are being amply represented in all walks of life.

      • Re: Sunil

        Yeah, that’s the reason usually given. And that is a good explanation.

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