Blogs and conversations in the corporate context…

…In some time, a few weeks maybe, our division is going to experiment with blogs. I had a conversation with the guy who’s leading the initiative, and while I expressed my wish for the initiative’s success, I also told him I wasn’t quite optimistic.

I must confess to being in the cynics camp about the usefulness of blogs in the corporate context. It’s not something I have been able to articulate very well so far, but it’s more than just a feeling. I just don’t see it as a particularly useful conversational vehicle in an organization. As a way to update or engage a large group of people, it’s ok. Something like Jonathan Schwartz (CEO of Sun Microsystems) does. But even that is more of an external blog rather than an internal one. For a 500 odd community working on different things, with similar groups mostly co-located, it seems to me that emails & F2F conversations are a much better and more logical way to engage. The thing is, I don’t think most people are too interested in what some other group is doing. Where work is concerned, people are happy in their own silos, for the most part.

Wipro and Infosys have tried corporate blogs, though I don’t know if they still exist. I remember reading a few articles on Wipro’s blog not too long ago, but they aren’t well known in their own organizations. I think, over there, the people writing on the blog were from the senior management, or the very least, well connected middle managers. There didn’t seem to be much conversation happening on those blogs, but maybe, it’s changed now.

Maybe it’s simply that I haven’t seen examples of successful usage, but I do think there are significant non-trivial challenges to make blogs succeed in a corporate context. Should be interesting to see how things pan out over here.


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  1. Subscribe to J.P.Rangaswamy’s blog at

    It should open your eyes on the possibilities of corporate and online community interaction

  2. I am musing over what you said….will let you know what I feel in a little while…but in general I too always think that face-to-face would be better…but if it can’t happen, then maybe blogging will work? I value both my face-to-face and blog interactions, and one often runs into another, as you know. So I have to think about this a little more, in the corporate context.

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