Books in the last month…

…I finished the second book in George Martin’s Song of Fire & Ice series – A clash of kings over the last two weeks. Started reading it before I left for the US, and turned out to be just the right book to carry along for the trip. At almost 1000 pages, it’s also the longest book I have read in quite a while. Did most of the reading on the flight to & fro, and finished it a few hours before I reached Bangalore. Perfect timing.

About the book itself, it was good for the most part, but it was also way too long. All the chapters featuring Daenerys were quite boring, and given that she is likely going to be a much more important character in book-3 and 4, I am not really looking forward to reading those. I suppose I will get Book-3 in due course, but unlike The Bartiameus trilogy, this one didn’t get me hook, line & sinker. And despite its size, it’s not as innovative either.

And so, while I liked A clash of Kings, the book of the month was without doubt, William Dalrymple’s City of Djinns. Quite brilliant. He brings alive the history of Delhi quite beautifully. Interestingly written, in that, it starts from the 80s and goes backwards in time. I actually failed to realize that till I was almost 1/3rd my way through the book. Have still not finished it, but with just 30 odd pages or so left, I guess I should be finishing it tonight or tomorrow. There really is so much in Delhi to explore and enjoy. If things go according to plans, I should be in Delhi again, this October. While this time around, I don’t think I will be able to go around much, should try to see a bit at least, and explore more of the city some other time. The season, of course, has to be right. Can’t imagine doing anything at all in Delhi in summer.

There is a passage I wanted to reproduce, but I don’t have the book with me right now, so maybe some other time.

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  1. I really enjoyed City of Djinns – I think his style is impressive!

    • Impressive, indeed. How come hardly any posts, these days?

      • Ya, don’t know. Hoping to be back some day! {I usually used to write at night but now there’s always something or the other happening in the evening and with my stomach full, sleep takes over}

        Maybe you should read ‘I’m a Stranger Here Myself’ by Bill Bryson for a tickle (on life in America)!

      • I actually bought a Bill Bryson before my last trip. His first book, and that was on America too. The few chapters I read were very funny. Unfortunately, I left it on the flight on my way back. 😦

  2. Hm..a couple of friends recommended the SoIaF series highly.. I can’t seem to find them at the local library though..

    • Worth a read, yes, though I wouldn’t recommend it very highly. Besides it’s in 7 parts, and only 4 have come out so far. So, if you get hooked, you have a long wait ahead 🙂

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