Increasingly, I find myself enjoying Hindustani classical more than I do Carnatic. The instruments seem to sound better, the voices certainly are. I am not a big fan of classical vocal in the first place, but there are times, when I can listen to Hindustani vocal, and feel that sense of bliss. Which is something I cannot say about Carnatic vocal, at least not to the same degree. Probably Venkatesa Suprabhatam early morning. And even that, it’s been such a long time.

This weekend, I rented Martin Scorcese’s docu-biography on Bob Dylan, “No direction home”, from Seventymm. An eye opener.

I am not really a huge Scorcese fan, at least not the way most movie buffs are, not that I have seen too many of his movies. I loved Gangs of New York, which people say is not among his best, and while I liked Departed, I certainly didn’t think it deserved one Oscar, let alone the five or six it picked up.

This documentary, though, is quite excellent. Some of my favourite English songs are Bob Dylan numbers, so it was wonderful to know the timeline and understand the context and inspiration for his early output. I am almost 80% through the documentary, I think, and it’s not yet moved to the 70s, so it seems like the 60s defined the essence of Bob Dylan. To see and hear the voices of artistes I hadn’t heard of, the people, who, in different ways influenced Dylan, was quite fascinating. For someone like me, with limited knowledge of 60s/70s English rock, outside of Beatles, Eagles, Tom Petty and the like, names like Joan Baez, Pete Seeger, Woody Guthrie, accompanists like Al Cooper, Mike Bloomfield sort of opened…opens up a whole different world. Protest music, as it was called.

It must be said, intentionally or not, Dylan does not come across as a nice person to know, in the documentary. What do we care about that though?

To complete the weekend update, I pigged out on TV, as if to compensate for last Saturday’s hard labours. Saw Dial M for Murder, which was most excellent (I plan to do a Hitchock  a month for the next few months), and Sound of Music, which was even better. Yeah, first time. 🙂


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  1. I am going to ignore the entire post and focus on the last actually saw Sound of Music for the FIRST time!! Oooh!

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