What is to be done with Sathe?

Saw this interesting play at Ranga Shankara on Saturday. Been a while since A & I had seen a play, and this happened only ‘cos we were in the vicinity earlier in the afternoon. Contemporary play, staged as a dialogue between a young couple – the husband, an ad film maker( who is insanely jealous about a documentary film-maker called Sathe), and his wife, who is a professor of English in a college. There are ten scenes – just about every scene has the husband, Abhay, vetting his frustrations (almost always something to do with Sathe’s success) to his wife, and his wife, Salma, trying to reason with him (often sarcastically) on his unhealthy obsession with Sathe.

It’s a translation of a Marathi play, I think. The perfomances were very good, though I felt that it would have worked even better if it had been staged as a “Hinglish” play, rather than a pure English one.

Worth a watch, and to a degree, it’s something most people will relate to. Also, it made me feel that the BPO short story I had written long ago could work quite well, if I were to add more meat & adapt it into a play.

Doubt I will ever do that, still, it’s a thought!


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  1. I saw it at Rangashankara too, Sorry but I didnt quite enjoy it.

    Agreed the raving and ranting about Sathe…but then what was the POINT?

    • Yeah, can understand. It drags after a bit & there isn’t much of a point. But thought it was a good effort & an interesting premise, nevertheless.

      • writing in marathi

        speaking of marathi,so i thought y not add something of writing in marathi…well guys,i have com across a site http://www.quillpad.in this helps u write in marathi…u wrote a marathi word in english n it ll convert it to marathi font…

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