A thousand deaths…

….I died, watching Federer scrape through against Nadal yesterday. The tension got to me so much that I had to watch the final set on “mute”. Thank God, Federer won. Happy to note that even Nadal is not immune from pressure. 

Federer dealt with those heavy top-spin forehands much better y’day, than he did at the French open. Still he is no closer to figuring out a way to deal with Nadal without getting into such attritional battles. For a change, his serve bailed him out yesterday, those 22-23 aces helping him conserve a fair bit of energy.

Nadal is so scary to watch on court, but come the presentation ceremony or an interview, those dimples and that shy childish demeanour make a fan out of even a “die-hard” Federer buff like me.

Both of them are just such a credit to tennis. May their rivalry play out for at least 3-4 more years, with Federer winning enough to take him past Sampras.


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  1. Its the archetypal contest – class, style and sublime ability Vs guts, desire and extreme brute force

    • While it is true that Federer’s strokeplay is much more delightful and easy on the eyes, you know, the contest is not quite as simple as that.

      I think people under-estimate Federer’s will and desire, just as they under-estimate Nadal’s skill. I thought Nadal volleyed particularly well yesterday. Some of his stretch valleys were very very good. And Federer showed as much heart as Nadal.

      • Am a die hard federer fan, too, but I thought Nadal was simply brilliant- his strokes were awesome. No way could it be brute force.


      • Yeps, indeed so. Who’s this, btw?

      • Aish.
        Dropped to your blog from mahesh’s. And on to his blog from a random search on google.
        Nice blog, incidentally. Wish you would post the answers for the quiz.

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