Dining table….

After spending what seemed like an eternity looking for the “perfect dining table”, we finally found one that we liked, at Maya Organic, last weekend. The table arrived this weekend, and we can’t seem to stop admiring it. 🙂

I have never spent so much time and effort shopping for anything, ever before in my life. Well worth it though, even if I say so myself. Touch wood. Also called the carpenter y’day and re-arranged the stuff on the walls a fair bit. The home now looks complete.

Recommend Maya Organic, it’s pricier that your usual store and the choice is limited, but the quality is great, and the designs are excellent. It’s in JP Nagar, on the Diwakar hospital road, about 100-150 metres before the lane that takes you to Ranga Shankara.

Does someone here know anything about rainwater harvesting? We asked a guy to prepare a report, and the report says it will cost us a lakh and half. Ours is a small apartment with about 25 flats, and his numbers seem highly unreasonable to me. Anyone here with a better idea about this stuff?


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  1. try this..if they are not already your consultants..


    we had rainwater harvesting put into our house three years back(4 years after it was built) and it cost us around 6000 rs approximately..

    • Thanks! I think it’s cheaper for individual houses. Costs about 12K or so these days.

      I had checked with the rainwaterclub earlier, and while the site looks professional, they are unfortunately not very responsive.

      I take it, you landed here via deponti?

  2. I am sure you can get a more reasonable estimate than that one bonthew. Just ask on the Bangalore community too, or look at the yellow pages and make a couple of phone calls.

    Yes, we like Maya Organic too..the only sad thing was, when they were setting up, the people would do customised work; now, instead of saying that they can’t do it any more and retaining our goodwill, they act uppity and do not return phone calls at all. It made a few of us who have been associated with them for some time feel a little bad. But still, it is a great initiative , so on the whole, it’s OK…

    • Yeah, I guess I will check at a few other places.

      I guess now that they are established, they can be a bit uppity. Too bad, really. It would be cool if they did customized work though. I am quite impressed with the quality. And like you say, it’s a good “local” initiative.

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