Autobiography of a yogi…

I have been reading this book, Paramahansa Yogananda’s autobiography, the past 2 weeks. It’s a book that’s been lying with me for a long time now, and while I aborted my initial attempt after the first few pages, this time around, I have made considerable progress. Half the book’s done, and I have, for the most part, enjoyed it.

It’s quite a strange book though. So many things he writes about are so easy to disbelieve, even if you are not a sceptic. Nevertheless, he writes about it in such a matter-of-fact engaging manner that it does make you ponder.

In my on again-off again fitness regime, I am “on” again. The last 2 weeks, I have been cycling in the mornings from 5:30-6:30 or so. It’s been just wonderful. Where I live, in the last few months, most of the dirt roads have been tarred, and much of the area around is still waste land, with just the odd apartment coming up here and there. I guess that will change soon, but for now, it is just a fantastic feeling to cycle around, listening to the call of the birds, (and there are many of them around) and finding new deviations to take everyday.

The longest I have done so far was the one day I went on a totally different route. Starting from my place, I cycled through Kodi Chikkanahalli, Bomanahalli upto Hosur road, and then past Silk board, through the Madivala lake, BTM, Banerghata Road, past IIM-B, and back to my place again. That took an hour and I didn’t stop along the way. I really didn’t think I would have been able to cycle that much, so that was quite encouraging.

I don’t think I am going to be doing that route often though, there’s too much noise from Bomanahalli to Silkboard, even that early.

Waking up early is bliss.  I hope I can keep at it for a while longer.

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  1. Glad to see your fitness regimen is ON again, but I can’t help remembering the other morning joys that you (at least once) wrote a beautiful poem about! ;-))

    When I posted your LJ name last week, it came with a line struck across it, and now it doesn’t…what gives?

  2. dude … the swami has struck your atheist soul i see … 🙂
    anyway heres hoping you continue cycling. For my part, I have been running in the evenings for some time now, trying to shed as much weight as I can. Let’s see how much longer that lasts. Have found a way to meditate while I jog, but more on that later … and I’d encourage you to read Ramana Maharishi for that 🙂

    • 🙂 i wouldn’t go so far as struck my atheist soul. Piqued my curiosity would be more like it. Ramana Maharishi, yes, he is another person I would like to read. But the next book is Adi Shankara’s Viveka Chudamani. I started on that before moving to Autobiography… That’s going to a very slow read though.

      Yeah, seriously hope the fitness bug sustains. Been gyming this week.

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