It’s good…

…to be back home again. I am so sleepy. TGIF! And a few pics from Yosemite…

My favourite animal enjoying an acorn…


A lucky sighting of a baby brown black bear foraging for food…

It’s called the Alpaca, a kind of big sheep, you could say….Not native to the US… Ain’t he/she cute?

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  1. i love the last one! great teeth! what is that creature? neato!

  2. alpaca yes i see now!

    love it!

  3. The bear cub is actually a Black Bear. Brown bears (aka Grizzlies) are extinct in California. Man! You’re lucky, I’ve trekked countless miles in search of a bear in Yosemite and been unlucky. 😦

    • oh, ok! thanks for the info. But it’s brown in color. Why is it called a black bear? My cousin told me there are black bears, brown bears, and grizzlies. I didn’t know grizzlies and brown bears were the same.

      I should count myself very lucky then!! I had two spottings. The second one was of a mother bear with her cub. That was some distance away, and the photo wasn’t that good. This one was quite close though.

      • Black bears are extremely variable in colur. I’m not sure if you get to see really dark colured (Black) bears in California. America has two species of bears – brown and black. Grizzlies are just a sub-species of the brown bear and we get brown bears even in India in the Himalayas! The CA flag has a grizzly bear but the last one was shot over fifty years ago there. In the US, some people are trying hard to reintroduce the grizzlies to their former homegrounds but there is strong objection since Grizzlies have a terrible name and reputation and are extremely huge compared to the much smaller black bears. However black bears (which we get in the Himalayas as well) are much more aggressive and many people who are OK with Black bears in their counties but not grizzlies do not really know about it or care much about it. In mainland US (the lower 48 states) Grizzlies are found in just 3-4 states I think and in very low numbers too. Alaska and Yellowstone NP are the best places to see them apparently.

      • Ah, thanks for the info! Maybe I will get to see one in India too, some day! I was there last weekend – May 12/13th. The funny thing was this was almost right next to the road. Yep, hope you get to see a few the next time!

      • Wow! Mother and cub too? What dates? I think I should go there, around that time, when I’m there the next time! 😀

  4. She most certainly is 🙂

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