The agony of selecting a Digital SLR and the consequences…

I finally ditched (or so I think) my Digital SLR camera purchase plan after much agonizing over the right camera to buy. Had decided on Canon Rebel XT after hazaar comparisons with the D40/D50, and was this close to keying in my credit card number before I changed my mind. The thing is the 18-55 mm lens has only a maximum zoom of 3-4x and that just doesn’t cut it for me. If I need to get another higher zoom lens, I have to shell out another 300-500$, if not more. That’s about $1000 down, at the very least. I guess I don’t really see myself pursuing photography as a serious hobby, despite my interest in it having shot up many notches thanks to all the amazing photographers on LJ. And it’s one expensive hobby, for sure. I think I should just use that money for other things.

With my old HP R707 having conked off,  I do need a camera though. I screwed up that fairly good camera in the most amazing fashion. First I dropped the camera in the loo(!), and I had to change the power board for 2000 bucks. One trip to Coorg after, I tried taking pictures of lightning when it rained in Blr after god knows how many months, and I am sure even god doesn’t know how, but some water seems to have seeped into the camera again, and that’s I guess the end of it. I don’t think I want to repair it now.

Maybe I should head to Fry’s and pick up one of the normal ones. Something with at least a 4x optical zoom maybe.

I am still confused though.

Off to Yosemite early tomorrow morning, with my cousins. We are camping overnight. Should be fun.

With that, this trip will be done. I have missed A , but it’s also been fun to be here at this time of the year. And thanks to my cousin P & her husband A, I haven’t felt as lonely as I would have otherwise. I cannot believe I lasted 6 months in Meerut in a hotel room. Marriage does change things.

Btw, maybe a dumb question, but does a NetGear wireless router work in India? I don’t imagine they have support in India, so I am just wondering if it’s worth buying a wireless router here?


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  1. The netgear router will work without a problem in india. Just make sure that you buy and use the correct power supply in India. There are some good deals for routers here in the U.S. You can pick one up for about $15(noname brand).

    As far as the camera goes, if you want a decent camera with zoom capabilities, look at the Panasonic Lumix F27, which was selling for $279 at costco. You can also try the canon The canon powershot s3 is is also an option.

  2. Contrary to what says, we bought a wifi router in the US, checked that it was working properly, and brought it here. It died somewhere in transit. tried very hard to make it work, and it just sat there (and it is still sitting in some cupboard.)

    BSNL gives you a fairly OK wifi router for their broadband connection, so don’t waste your money on Netgear….that’s what *I* say.

  3. Hey Arun Nithin here…

    Hey i am using a Linksys router that i got from US..i got a universal power supply from there too..the one’s you get over here are no good..also i had to go in and do a bit of reconfiguring of the router settings since i conflicts with the settings of my Airtel Broadband router..

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