Nice weekend.  Started with catching a fine “string quartet” performance at Stanford on Friday evening. The performance was by the California Quartet –  4 women ensemble – 2 violins, a viola and a cello. It was a performance in two parts. The first half was traditional western classical – Anton Van Webern’s “Langsamer Satz”  which was quite good & a Beethoven string quartet (Op 9 something….). Enjoyed that quite a lot. The second part, they performed a more modern jazz style string quartet they had commissioned “Lenny Carlson”, a somewhat famous grammy nominated jazz musician to write for them. That had six pieces, I quite liked two of them, the other compositions were average. A great experience overall – my first ever western classical experience. Was strongly reminded of Seth’s “An equal music”, and the time I spent two weeks listening only to western classical, after I finished reading the book. The violinists had really old violins – the lead violinist had a 1790 and thereabout one, the second violin was a 1740s violin.  Do old instruments really sound that good? Or is it just for kicks? Very pretty cellist too. 🙂 I have seen three cellists so far – Saskia de Haas, who I had heard in vasant habba was very pretty too, and the other – I forget. There is something about the cello….

Met a few friends on Saturday, they took me around the Palo Alto-MountainView-Sunnyvale business district – saw the Google office, among others. Played tennis in the evening for an hour and half, after quite a while. That was great fun, but my body still aches. Headed over to my cousin’s place to sack for the night. Yesterday, my cousin & I took the train to San Francisco at about 10. It’s pretty a long ride, but nice nevertheless. Saw the sea lions around Fisherman’s wharf, amazing, never expected there would be so many when my cousin said you can see sea lions there!! They stink, make a lot of noise (hoink, hoink!!!), but they are also awesome to watch. Particularly when they try to push each other off those wooden planks on which they lie down like a bag of lazy bones. Went around the city a bit, hopping on & off different buses, saw “The Golden Gate” and had great ice cream at Ghirardelli’s. Walked quite a bit too, was dead tired by the time I got back in the evening.

Slept like a log for only the second time, in the week I have been here.

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  1. looks like u are having a great time.
    You must do one more thing ….. actually a few more….. try to visit the following places

    Half Moon Bay
    Santa Cruz (and the Aquarium at Monterey Bay)
    Yosemite National Park
    The Six Flags Marine World (a great set of roller coaster rides)
    Napa Valley
    Highway 1 – a long drive along the Pacfic
    17 Mile drive
    Point Reyes National Park
    Golden Gate Park

    Man …. i wish I was there. …… my favourite place in the world.

    • Whoa, that’s a lot of places. Going to Yosemite this weekend. Don’t think will have the time to do anything else. Returning from here next Monday. Luckily, I am here when the weather is really nice.

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