70mm and movies…

I took a 6 month membership with seventymm.com about a month ago, and it’s been a good decision. Kind of forces us to watch 4 movies a month, but  it seems to have also helped in cutting down expensive visits to the multiplex. We have only seen 2 movies in the last 2-3 months, in the multiplexes – Honeymoon travels & Ekalavya.

70mm has a fairly good collection of english movies, so it’s been nice catching up with movies I missed seeing when they came out, or ones I have always wanted to see. A few of the movies I have seen over the last month include Mystic river, Inside Man, The Man who would be king etc. The last one was a major letdown, though it ends quite nicely. “The Talented Mr. Ripley” and “7-1/2 phere” have been lined up for this weekend’s pleasure.

Last weekend, I saw this tamil movie “Mozhi” which was really really nice. The print wasn’t that good, but it wasn’t all that bad either. Warm, funny, sensitive movie, left me feeling quite happy after I had seen it. I think I will buy or rent the original print later, and watch it again. 

Getting back to 70mm, while their English collection is good, I can’t say the same about their regional language ones. No new movies in their stock at all, not even those which are over 6 months old, which really sucks. I wish they would do something about that.

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  1. Liked Mozhi, which we watched in Chennai. What happened last Saturday with the quiz? and where is 70 mm? Er…the last two I should have emailed you about, but I will let it stand…

    • Had gone to see Honeymoon travels in the evening, and then biwi wanted a good dinner outing 🙂

      seventymm.com is an online video rental site in bangalore. They do home delivery and pick up. You can also keep a movie as long as you want. About 50 bucks a movie, but original dvds/vcds. started sometime ago, seems to be good. so far, at least.

  2. have been meaning to try it out but wasn’t sure about their collection. i actually do enjoy watching movies on screen. but this makes sense i think, especially when you want to catch up on movies you missed.

    • Their Hollywood collection is pretty good, and they have a good bit of old Hindi stuff too. But their website search is the worst I have ever seen, so it helps if you already know the title of the movie you wish to see. 🙂

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