Securing the wireless…

Managed to secure the wireless network. This article was a great “how-to”. I disabled SSID broadcasting, and enabled WEP. Good enough for my home network, though Google says WEP is not secure enough.

Just as well, I managed to get it working. My notebook detected an unsecured network while I was working, and I was happily able to connect to it. God knows which blessed soul in my apt is so obliging.

Need to get an external hard disk now. The guy at SP road told me there are two kinds these days – the USB pluggable external hard disks (they don’t need separate power), and the old fashioned ones. Any suggestions on what type/model would be a good buy? I am looking at either a 80 GB or 120 GB one, preferrably the latter if the price differential is no more than a few hundred.


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  1. all I’ll say is that you should take your laptop along…. buy the USB external disk but test it at the shop …. doesn’t always work … know that from experience.

    if u find a good vendor let me know… ive been planning it too

  2. Sunil B

    Try Western Digital comes in pocket size, quite handly ..and they have a pretty neat s/w that helps you synchronise the external harddisk..that way you do overwrite existing data.

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