Assorted chaff..

For over a week now, I have done nothing, but run simulations for a model we are building. There is this nifty, though rather expensive excel add-in called @risk that can be made to do nice things. Together with a couple of others, I also wrote a fair bit of VBA code to automate pretty much the whole of the model. Me writing VBA code – Very funny, come to think of it. The next step is to move all the excel data to a database.  So not looking forward to that exercise. Oh, well…One’s got to do what one’s got to do. Besides, it could become something much more customizable & who knows, maybe used in ways different from the way it is used now.

Bought a D-link wirless router last weekend. Long pending purchase that. I set it up yesterday, but I couldn’t quite figure out how to secure it. Right now, anybody in shouting distance from my place can happily log on to the network. Have read up a few articles on the net today, something to test tonight, hopefully that will help, but nothing like tips from someone who’s been there, done that. Any pointers, much appreciated.

I was in the office on Monday, a long time since I have been at work on a holiday. Couldn’t avoid it, but hopefully that was just a one-off.

I don’t know what it is with schools. They charge a bomb for admission, but pay teachers peanuts. And this, despite the fact that good B.Ed teachers aren’t really dime a dozen.

Attended my b-school alumni meet on Sunday evening. For a change, was not so bad. Nobody bitched.

Last month’s books

1) Rajaji – A life:   Rajmohan Gandhi. Excellent. I thoroughly enjoyed this one.
2) The Wisdom of Crowds: James Surowiecki. Pretty good, though a bit haphazard. I need to quickly run through this again, to tease out some of the more interesting things he says.

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  1. Nice assorted chaff, interesting to read.

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