@ the lunchtable today…

So, we are having this random conversation at the lunch-table today. Someone comments about the funny, if terrible, ICICI ad on Diabetes insurance, where the ad goes something like “don’t worry, eat all the sweets you want. We are there to provide “diabetes insurance”. Actually, I am not sure that’s what it says, but that’s the impression it gives to most people.

Then, another colleague M, comes up with this absolute gem about a call he got from Dr. Batras a couple of weeks ago.


“Hi, Mr. Shiva, this is XXX from Dr. Batras”


“Sir, we are glad to tell you that you have been selected as our patient”.


Life is not without its moments, must say.


Cleaned my drawers, on Saturday. Took me 2.5 hours to arrange, shred, and throw away about 3 months worth of accumulated garbage. An experience so cathartic, it is about as close to a spiritual experience as I will ever get.

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  1. “Sir, we are glad to tell you that you have been selected as our patient”.

    LOL. .That was fantastic..Wonder what they’ll come up with next..

  2. enjoyed both parts of your post for different reasons. I wish *I* would be selected as a free patient by some Multi-Speciality Clinic!

    The second part…in some parts of the world, your underpants are referred to as your “drawers”…so I was laughing quite uncontrollably at the fact that it was practically a spiritual experience…!

  3. Hey just yday I was watching Candid Camera on Zee Cafe. They did this trick where they go to people’s homes as as telemarketer. The conversation goes something like this:

    “Ting Tong

    Customer: Yes, who is it?
    Candid Camera: We’ve come from xxx bank and we’re selling you a credit card.
    Customer: But hey, I have hotlisted my number on the ‘no soliciting calls’ list.
    Candid Camera: That’s why we didn’t call you. We came over personally to sell.”

    The poor lady almost dies of irritating 🙂


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