Those magnificent men…

….Saw “Those magnificent men in their flying machines” yesterday night. It was good, and A enjoyed it a lot. But it wasn’t the same as I remembered. The thing with watching a movie you have seen & hugely enjoyed, as a kid, is that you look forward to it even more eagerly, when you see it after many many years. More often than not, it’s just not what you remembered, and while that doesn’t quite sour the memory, the memory is also not the same anymore.

Now, I am not sure if I want to watch Mary Poppins.

Almost done with the last haul from National Market. Another visit due, I think. Should probably head there this weekend. Maybe I will pick out some world cinema as well, this time.

Any recommendations?


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  1. If you haven’t done so already, please go see The Departed and Casino Royale – it’s worth braving the traffic and the chaotic crowds at Forum. The Departed has *Oscars* written all over it and Bond, is well .. Bond! 🙂

  2. Last time at National Market was quite disappointing. A bunch of DVDs were quite screwed up and wouldn’t play properly – including Kung Fu Hustle which I so liked, and Prime.

    Check out Samsara.

    I am planning to go there Dec 15 or so to look specifically for musicals. I have Oliver! & Mary Poppins, and want the rest 🙂

  3. Oh you will still enjoy Mary Poppins…I saw it recently again after many years…loved it!

    You should pick up The Sound of Music (I think you haven’t seen it)and I also recommend Casablanca. Both set in WW2.


  4. 1. Born into brothels
    2. The chorus
    3. Buena Vistra Social Club
    4. Lightning in a bottle
    5. Genghis Blues
    6. The station agent
    7. Water (for the photography)
    8. Enigma (About code cracking in WW II)
    9. Edmond
    10. A scanner darkly

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