Two weekend movies, and some backhand…

The Manchurian Candidate, and The Station Agent.

The former is a good thriller, though rather far fetched.

Interesting movie, the latter. Offbeat movie about a reticent dwarf who inherits a railroad depot in NewFoundland, and when he moves there is forced to deal with two people who interrupt his lonely life – an exuberant hot dog vendor stationed outside his depot, and a loner woman artist dealing with her own emotional baggage. The movie shows how their relationships affect their lives in small ways. A couple of other characters – a little black girl, and a pretty librarian add to the mix. A pleasant background score, good performances, and a general sense of warmth fills the movie, making for an excellent viewing experience.

Recommend a dekko.

Tennis is progressing reasonably well, though I am not as regular as I would like to be. These days I watch Roger Federer, in even more awe than ever before, now that I know, from personal experience, how impossibly difficult it is to hit a winner off a single-handed backhand. Stunning match he played yesterday, against James Blake. Almost perfect. Of late, though, one can see a little bit of conceit slipping in, in his press interviews. He knows he is a genius, and he seems to be gradually believing in his myth. Dangerous sign, that.  There is no doubt , in my mind, he is the most talented tennis player I have ever seen, but for him to believe that is a shade arrogant, and could just be the beginning of a fall.

But, I hope not.


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  1. Watch the latest Bond!

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