The Mugger

Walking down the gravelly road after
a mind-numbing day’s work, she hopes
to be left alone with her thoughts, plans
for a much awaited weekend, or maybe
she is married, and that impish smile that
just passed, is a memory of her child
waiting her at home.

It is a dark night, lightless,
just the same as all the other nights
she walks this lonely path.

Everday, I have seen her,and everyday,
I let her pass. Today, swamiye ayyappa,
is her turn, poor little oblivious thing. I bound
unbeknown, silent like a thief, and hold
the knife to her throat. “The chain”,
I say, in my most menacing whisper, and before
she can cry, pull at it, and thump
her on the head. She falls with a muffled cry,
and I run, before I can be found.


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  1. WOW.

    Keep writing…and posting B on the W. You have a way with words. (I remember “good morning A”.)

    …but I think that if the mugger really thought about his victim like that, he would never be one.

    • Thank you! Yeah, you are right, a mugger would never think like that. A logical fallacy, the whole poem 🙂

      • Perhaps a logical fallacy…but I really enjoyed it. Well…”enjoyed” wouldn’t be the right word. It stirred my emotions. I…appreciated it.

        If you know Hindi, I would say, “Kavita ki soch mein bhool ho sakthi hai, MUGGER mujhe kavita acchi lagi!”

      • yes, I know Hindi. It’s much better than my Tamil, unfortunately. 🙂

        And punning is second nature to you, looks like 🙂

        Thanks again!

  2. It is a dark night, lightless,
    just the same as all the other nights
    she walks this lonely path.


  3. The Mugged

    I walk alone
    A long day at work
    Familiar path to a
    Place called home
    Where my bundle of joy awaits

    Familiar path, but no moon
    To light my way
    As I amble along
    Lost in thought
    Of memories past

    He lay waiting
    Obscured by shadows
    That were themselves
    Too pale to be significant

    The familiar darkness
    Was disturbed by his form
    As he pounced in front
    And shook my world

    A knife to my throat
    As I trembled in fear
    “The chain”, he whispered hoarsely
    As I froze, shocked and scared.

    He gave the chain a yank
    And knocked me on the head
    I let out a whimper
    As the gravel raced closer

    As my world began to fade
    I heard him make good his escape
    Soon the world started spinning
    And everything began to fade
    A dull, yet searing pain
    Gave way to calm
    And I fainted, muttering
    “Swamiye Ayappa….”

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