Communism anyone?

I found this image extremely fascinating. This is a satellite picture of the two Koreas at night. South Korea all lit up, and North Korea has this single dot “Pyongyang”. Apparently North Korea has a power crisis, and there is a power shutdown every night throughout the country. This picture speaks a lot more than 1000 words.

update:Ok, to be fair, this is at least partially due to US sanctions on North Korea.


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  1. oh come on … you can’t be buying that picture!!!!

  2. Fascinating, I am not quite sure of that word.
    Korea has gone through hell from the time it was a colony of Japan to the Korean war and of course who can forget the bloody crafted partition done by USA and USSR.
    hmph! I hate the media projections anyways..North Korea is the country which is still trying to break the mould of the history.

    • Yes, it’s not had a happy past. But the thing is both the Koreas started out from the same place. One chose communism (or rather had communism thrust upon it), the other didn’t. Yes, the international community could have been nicer to NK. But, largely, NK’s citizens have only their own govt to blame.

      And yes, for the most part, I don’t take media projections at face value too. πŸ™‚

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