Shakkergandhi, and then some…

A bandh, and I am at home, and for once, not too happy about it. It is not always that I am happily busy, so to lose 2 days in one week, more so when my client is in town, is not a happy state of affairs.  I suppose the only consolation is this gives me some time to catch up with long pending reading. A book on Risk Management, excel files and a bunch of pdfs to contemplate on as the day progresses. Never had much success working from home, maybe today will turn out somewhat better.

Returned to blr yesterday after a 10 day vacation. Mostly at Delhi, at in-laws place, and a few days at Mussoorie. Had a swell time, pigged out on some great food, lots of touristy stuff, and chilled big time. The 10 days passed very quickly indeed. Mussoorie trip – Kempty falls, mall road, gun hill, beautiful views of the shivaliks, lousy water bodies that pass off for lakes, salvaged by pretty ducks that eat cakes, long drives down winding roads, langur family posing for photographs, photography experiments with a point and shoot camera, green castle hotel, sights and calls of birds I hadn’t seen before, a dip in the ganga at haridwar, a blink and miss visit to rishikesh, unfulfilled wish to paraglide/raft, a beautiful painting and other trinkets bought for keepsakes from Mall road, company garden that had some of the most beautiful flowers I have seen, excellent food just about everywhere, a view of the moon so so beautiful that my camera’s battery died when I wanted to capture it;

Delhi – the rail museum where I learnt the darjeeling rail route (mere sapno ke rani, kasta mazaa re fame) is a world heritage site, and saw bogies from trains from the past (they sure looked better than the ones we have these days), shankar’s doll museum with its very pretty dolls from all over the world, the national archives, the national museum, easily the biggest museum I have seen to date, and one place I couldn’t quite do justice to in the time I had, India Gate, India Habitat Centre (where A noticed that the casting scenes from Rang De Basanti were shot there), Raj Ghat, squirrels, mongooses, pigeons, temples, books, food, and a lot more.

In sum, a cornucopia of memories.

First time in 5 years, that I took a whole week off from work, I think. Last time I did that, I had travelled up north too – kulu, manali, amritsar and chandigarh. So much has changed since. ?


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  1. Hey hey,
    Is Delhi gearing up for winter then?
    National Museum IS big and it has more exhibits than it can house!
    Ya, Rang De Basanti is full of sights from North and Central Delhi!

    • For some reason, I thought you would write exactly what you did, even as I was writing it 🙂

      Delhi is bloody hot still. My MIL, on the phone today mentioned it’s cooled a bit since we left.

      The National archives also seems like a great place for those with an interest in history. I couldn’t check out their library, but was told it’s a treat too.

  2. 🙂 great trip eh!

    good good 🙂

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